Seattle School Board Discussion (09/20/17)

Below are comments from members of the community asking the Seattle Public Schools Board to consider Fort Lawton as school for Magnolia, Interbay, and Queen Anne.

“…our access to this land is as great as ever. The Department of Education defines ‘Immediate Need’ as allowing the School District to meet it’s desired function.”
“The Queen Anne/Magnolia Cluster is all ready over capacity. Shockingly there doesn’t appear to be any planning for schools, missing this opportunity for infrastructure.”
“Where are the kids going to go to school when we already have six full portables at Blaine? Expedia is moving from Bellevue to Interbay which will bring many more people into the Cluster.”
“We have a golden opportunity here. The Fort Lawton area at the base of Discovery Park is a huge laboratory for any STEAM or STEM program you can imagine. We have a really good opportunity to create educational equity, racial equity, and economic equity at this location.”
The Catherine Blaine PTA Board has passed this resolution. … SPS re-consider the importance of the Fort Lawton Land opportunity and formally request for the City of Seattle to add a school to the Environmental Impact Statement that is currently being processed.”
“Hindsight is a tool for improvement. It is time to use that tool. Right now the City is setting up a train to get out of the system and they do not want the school on it. We are asking Mr. Nyland and the SPS Board members to work with the City and do whatever is necessary to put the option of a school in the Environmental Impact Statement. That let’s us stay on the train and work out the details on a project this large.”
“I want to know about Fort Lawton in a really clear chronology. And I want to know what efforts we are doing so that we just don’t accept ‘no’ in this extraordinarily fast, brilliant city. We need to hold hands with Senator Patty Murray and figure out ways to make this happen. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t want to be part of a Board that looks the other way, like that Board that sold Queen Anne High School. I can’t do it.”
“I ask that our staff inform us of any new developments. It seems like there is a disconnect between what we have learned and those who are testifying and sharing with us. It would be valuable to reconcile the latest information with what we are hearing with our community.”
“On the issue of Fort Lawton we have had some very intelligent ideas brought forth by very committed community members about what to do with this opportunity with this land, in light of the capacity challenges in the Queen Anne/Magnolia area. I am interested to make sure that we haven’t left any stone un-turned on this.”

Seattle School Board Discussion (06/28/17)

Below are comments from members of the community asking the Seattle Public Schools Board to consider Fort Lawton as school for Magnolia, Interbay, and Queen Anne.

 “…the City and the School District were not communicating on projects that affect each other. …I encourage you to be proactive, forward thinking, and work with the City to do right for our children.”
   “…we are experiencing a boom in population in Magnolia and Queen Anne. …These children will grow and we are reaching major capacity issues when they reach middle school and high school. … Now is the time for our District to be proactive and minimize disruptions for families…”
    “…if you are going to draw boundary lines for Magnolia Elementary you need to bring true data to the table. … Our Committee asks the Board to direct Superintendent Nyland to halt boundary conversations… until we know what is happening at Fort Lawton.”
     “Seattle is growing denser and we need to think of infrastructure, especially schools. … Thousands of new children are expected to arrive in the District in the next few years and many of our schools are already at capacity. … This school could have an environmental focus and tie into Native American culture due to it’s location next to a 500 acre park and the Daybreak Star cultural center. The site already has classrooms, library, cafeteria, and a gym that could possibly be reused to cut costs.”
      “I want to make sure you are using all of the data available to make a proper decision… … We have major overcrowding issues with our elementary schools… …we have an opportunity right now to be proactive and plan ahead for the kids who will be negatively impacted. I encourage you to look at Fort Lawton and the increasing demographics to make a long term decision about education buildings in our cluster.”
       “…we are concerned that Magnolia [school] will be opened at full capacity and the students will be shuffled around again. … …there are many multi-family projects going up all around Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Interbay… …it is very important to have accurate data when making Fort Lawton decision and boundaries.”
Full video of first half of School Board Meeting. – 2hrs 43min
   Full video of second half of School Board Meeting. – 2hrs 57min

“Around Fort Lawton, the enthusiasm of the community, of the Board, and of the staff… we are engaging with the City… having a piece of property that could be considered a school is something we have to consider for the long term.”