Update: SPS Board Meeting (06/28/17)

We had 7 community members/parents give public testimony at tonight’s Seattle School Board meeting! The importance of the school being at the table for how this land is used is gaining traction from the district and the School Board Directors.

Did you know that Seattle Public Schools is not on the city’s committee for HALA (Housing Affordability and Living Agenda) which plans for 20,000 additional homes in the city over 10 years??? The gravity of the lack of SPS representation on these committees is becoming apparent, and our movement is helping build consensus that the district needs to participate in land use conversations around the city.

Click Here for Seattle HALA Committee Information.

We still have our work cut out for us, but the direction is good!

Update: We have been informed that the Seattle School District has indicated their support to the City for adding a school to the EIS. (06/27/17)

We would like to say thank you to the Seattle School Board and the School District for listening and engaging in this process.  We  continue to work with the School Board and District, the City of Seattle  and Federal representatives to ensure this occurs. We will keep you updated on developments and will let you know how you can help.

Thank you for your support!

Today Committee Representatives and their families physically delivered your signatures to:

– The Mayor’s Office
– The Seattle City Council
– The Department of Housing

Today the Fort Lawton School Committee hand delivered the petitions and formal request for a school to be added onto the EIS to the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, and the Office of Housing! Every one of your comments were included and we asked that they officially be recorded and given serious consideration.

Thank you for your support!    Will our civic leaders listen?

Over 1,000 community families have spoken!
The City must not ignore your voices!

As of 06/25/17 we have received over 1,000 petition signatures to include a school in the Fort Lawton Re-Development Environmental Impact Statement.

Thank you for your support!    Will our civic leaders listen?

Huge crowd at 2nd Fort Lawton meeting (06/21/17)

“…for schools this is an amazing opportunity to benefit thousands of families. It was just announced that Ballard High School will have portable class rooms added due to overcrowding and it’s only getting worse. A high school would benefit multiple neighborhoods and kids for generations.Trading the Seattle center school land for this may be a best case for all. You can build a lot of housing in the core of the city on a lot that is not well suited to a school. Then build a school and it’s required facilities where there is space, existing buildings, and is accessible for teachers and students.” – Joe Smith

Huge crowd at 1st Fort Lawton meeting (6/19/17)

“Some walked a quarter mile to Daybreak Star Monday night with automobile parking maxed-out as an estimated 300 people attended a public meeting held by the city to discuss plans for Fort Lawton.

Residents of Magnolia and others assembled to hear city officials describe their plans to convert the former Fort Lawton Army Reserve Center into a living area with 85 units of homeless housing, 100 affordable rent apartments, and 50 low end privately-owned houses. Many attendees came with the idea they would be allowed to speak. That wasn’t 100% correct, it turns out.

After five minutes of speeches by attendees, the microphone was suddenly turned off. 

“The place was livid,” says Taylor. “The crowd started chanting, ‘Turn it on. Turn it on. Turn it on.’”

Magnolia neighbors debate future of Fort Lawton

“Neighbors also expressed extreme frustration when they were asked to provide written public comments at Monday’s meeting.

At one point, the crowd demanded a microphone for people to speak openly at the meeting. City officials eventually handed over the microphone and listened to what those in attendance had to say.”